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Ice cream has a velvety texture and a refreshing feeling to it. It is a chilled blend of healthy ingredients and fresh milk.

Its full flavour is satisfactory while the temperature enhances the taste. At Zazá, a Gelato can come on indulgent biscuit cones or cups, in more than 70 delicious flavours that one can mix and re-mix to find out the best personal combination.

Zazá Gelato flavours are based on original and traditional recipes from Naples and Southern Italy.


Sorbetto is an exquisite blend of juicy ingredients and fresh water, and not a bit of diary.

Fruits and fresh water create a cool, mouth-watering ice treat, perfect for any diet, combining a high nutritional value with naturally appealing taste.

Sorbetto recipes come from the warm land of Sicily where, once upon a time, the streets were full of sherbet vendors offering a very refined and elegant treat.
granita e milkshake

granita / milkshake

Intense, flavour-packed cups bringing to your mouth a refreshing and authentic piece of Italy

Granita is intense and full of flavour, cold as ice and explosive in taste. It is classic Italian, simple but magically irresistible: a mix of coarse ice shavings and fresh ingredients with their original untouched flavour enhanced by the cold sensation from the ice.

Granita can be made with almonds, mint, a variety of fruits, or a strong, aromatic, and addictive espresso. Add a dash of whipped cream and never regret it!
frozen yogurt

Yogurt gelato

Yogurt is special at Zazá: try Soffice, our newest ice sensation: with a velvety chilly texture, it is made with fresh yogurt from live enzymes.

You can enjoy it either natural or mixed with strawberry, banana, melon and other flavours in a shape and a taste that you can’t find anywhere else.
pasticceria gelato

pasticceria gelato - gelato cakes

This exquisite range of freshly made Gelato and semifreddo cakes is an excellent way to enjoy Zazá at home or with friends.

Ideal for private celebrations, corporate events, or as an after-dinner treat, our specialities come in all sizes, from one-bite mini-cones to bespoke ice cream based cakes for twelve people.

You can order your bespoke cake with your favourite flavours and we will have it ready for you in 24 hours. We can deliver it to you or you can pick up in store.


Italians start the day with a strong espresso or a silky cappuccino, along with a buttery croissant. They have it at the bar counter, on the way to work.

At Zazá we bring such a signature Italian moment to our counter, serving traditional Italian bar specialities.

Our authentic coffee is toasted in Naples, freshly ground every day, and prepared in front of you with our beautiful traditional espresso machines. Enjoy a bit of an Italian morning.

Hot chocolate

At Zazá you can find smooth and rich steaming hot chocolate.

The ultimate indulgence is pouring your steamy hot chocolate on a cup of chilled gelato and allowing yourself rich and unique foodie moment.

It is irresistible to enjoy the texture, the flavours and the aromas with the changing temperature. A real flavour explosion, and never mind the diet!