About Gelato

It takes a moment to discover what makes Zazà Artisan Ice Cream special. With just a scoop the mouth-watering experience of sweet freshness begins.

"Gelato Artigianale", is more than a word for Traditional Italian Artisan Ice Cream: it means committing to produce fresh "gelato" every morning, guaranteeing its freshness and its flavour, selecting carefully the finest ingredients, caring for its texture, its balance of flavours, and its quality.

5 POSITIVE FACTS about Artisan Ice Cream:

*Fruit based Gelato has only 3% of fat
*Cream based gelato has only up to 6% of fat (while ice cream has more than 10%)
*Gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, with less air (25%) so the natural taste of the ingredients does not require artificial flavourings
*Gelato at Zazà has about 180Kcal, ice cream more than 500Kcal
*Sorbetto, the fruit based gelato, is dairy free

Gelato is a low-fat element, a surprisingly healthy option for lunch, a light afternoon break or a guilt-free treat.
Gelato is fresher, healthier and tastier than any industrial ice cream or frozen yogurt.