Like all the best things in Italy, Zazà is a family affair.

For over 40 years in the vibrant hometown of Naples, Italy, the founder family has crafted the fine art of traditional Italian gelato.

Zazà is more than a family business; it is an ice cream dynasty.
The family started crafting the fine art of Italian gelato in their vibrant hometown of Naples and has been improving its recipes over the years. They kept passing the recipes down from generation to generation till today.
Recipes were jealously guarded while techniques were updated and improved through the years. Each generation added new premium ingredients and artisan skills to the inheritance.
The heirs of this gelato dynasty have brought their legacy to London, where they live today.
Zazà Gelato is then not just ice cream, but Traditional Italian Gelato.
Today, Zazà Gelato shop offers the irresistible freshness and flavour of authentic Italian gelato together with espressos and Italian treats in a modern and stylish space.
The shop balances its refined contemporary architecture lines with a warm and friendly atmosphere that is indeed the ultimate signature of anything authentically Italian.

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